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Clips - That's hot pink

Elevate your look with our detachable feather accessory.


Clip on ostrich feather accessory with a metal clasp that opens and closes to secure onto any smooth surface for a customisable and unique look. Pair these back with a nice strappy pair of heels or pumps.

Our pieces are individually dyed and handcrafted, therefore each piece is unique and may have a slight variation in appearance.

Information +

· 100% South African Ostrich Feather
· Hand Dyed Ostrich Feather
· Designed in and imported to Australia

Care +

1/ Store in our garment bag to keep fresh and dust free.
2/ Try to avoid washing.
3/ DO NOT dry clean or machine wash.
4/ Spot cleaning with warm water and liquid dish soap is preferable.

If they desperately need washing follow these steps.
(Always handling the feathers as gently as possible).
1/ Dissolve dish soap in water.
2/ Lightly swirl the feathers in the mixture.
3/ Remove garment from water and rinse soap out.
NOTE: Feather dye is not colourfast and will transfer and/or fade if wet.
Blow dry them on low setting (do not air dry).

Feathers can lose their volume and look dry and sad over time even if you have never wet them. Using a steamer to add moisture will fluff them back up and is a great tip for giving them a quick refresh.